What is FIP?

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) affects up to 2% of cats, and was 100% fatal. Good news! A cure may have been found.

Learn why ZenByCat jumped in the battle against this terrible disease.


House of Nekko

With over 15 million YouTube views, people and cats are fascinated by a house transformed into a beautiful playground.

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Welcome to the House of Nekko

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Meet Smokey...

One of the few FIP survivors
Smokey on Day 1

Smokey has become quite the celebrity.  He's one of just a handful of FIP survivors thanks to the hard work of Dr. Niels Pedersen and his staff with the drug trials at UC Davis.

Peter Cohen has worked with Dr. Pedersen to end this disease, along with many others like SOCKFIP, the Bria Foundation, Winn Feline Organization, and corporate partners like ViviPet, who have joined the fight.

Before July 2017, a cat with FIP faced almost certain mortality. It has taken a lot of research and a lot of money, but it seems a cure is at hand.

The next challenge is to get these life saving drugs to market. That's where you can help with a small donation. Yes, even just $10/month goes a long way. And please spread the word.

Won't you join with ZenByCat and our partners to stamp out this terrible disease?

Read more about Smokey and other FIP Warriors in our BlogREAD  OUR BLOG

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Only 10% is used for overhead and awareness. Peter picks up the rest of the cost beyond 10%.

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